Friday, June 12, 2009

Washing your face with acne wash when waving

It is very important to wash your face with acne wash when you are done with your wave method or done using my wave method. My favorite acne wash is the neutrogena oil free acne wash which I use every morning after I take off my durag and night right before I put on my durag. There are many other acne washes available in stores like Clearasil Ultra and many others. Experiment with them and see which one you like the best. By washing your face you prevent acne and products clogging up your pores making the acne appear.

How to maintain your waves

This guide is to teach you how to maintain your waves if you already have them. It is to be used daily to make sure your waves are in great shape.

  1. The first step is during the night when you are about to go to bed take a shower. While taking a shower wet your hair with the water and brush it damp. Then apply your conditioner in my case the Carrot Creme conditioner.
  2. Next brush it in about 15 strokes around. Then wait at least 2 minutes before doing the next step.
  3. After the two minutes put your hair under the water and brush the conditioner out with your hard brush.
  4. The fourth step is to finish taking a shower and then begin to brush your hair around in a 360 motion until it is damp.
  5. Once damp apply your moisturizer in my case it will be the carrot creme one. Then you brush that in with your hard brush and again in my case the diane 8157. Brush about 50 times around.
  6. Apply pomade only about every three or four days. I use the seasick pomade which is sold on like the moisturizer I brush this around about 50-60 times.
  7. Lastly I put a durag on my hair for the night and sleep.
Additional Information:
  • Shampoo once every two weeks so that you can get your product to build up and keep the natural oils in your hair. This also helps make your waves more visible after a cut. You apply the shampoo before you start the conditioner and brush it in and brush it out like the conditioner.
  • From the morning to the time I get home I just brush with my medium brush (diane 8114) until I get home. Then it's time to repeat the process again. By following this you will maintain your waves in the best possible way.
  • You can email me at if you need help.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carrot Cholestoral review

This has to be the best conditioner for my hair I ever used. It is made by the brand hollywood beauty. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling real moist and makes my waves show more. The way I use this product is before I shower brush I put this in my hair and apply it with the grain. Then I use my hard brush which is my diane 8157 and brush it in with the grain. After about 2 minutes I shower brush it out. By doing this your waves will be more visible and feel smooth. Althought that isn't guaranteed it would work for the majority of people.

Carrot Creme review

This is my favorite type of moisturizer for my waves. It has a great shine when applied to your hair and moisturizers your hair for most of the day. It also has 3 essentials oils and overall helps prevent hair breakage. It is made by hollywood beauty and is in my opinion this is their best product. If you know about their other product olive creme and deciding what to get carrot or olive creme I'm telling you get Carrot Creme you won't be disappointed.

Wave terminology. Wave terms explained

These are terms you may see on waving forums or websites so I made this article so you don't get lost if you see these words.

CC - This stands for carrot creme which is my personal favorite moisturizer. It is made by the brand hollywood beauty.

OC - This stands for olive creme which is also made by the brand hollywood beauty. I used to use it but Carrot Creme just seems better to me.

PL - This stands for pink lotion which is made by the brand motion. I used to combine this with Carrot Creme but I just got lazy of doing that so I just use the carrot creme alone lol.

CCH - This stands for carrot cholestoral and its my favorite type of conditioner. It is also made by the brand hollywood beauty.

OCH - This stands for olive cholestoral and it used to be my favorite type of hair condtioner until I realized since I used carrot creme let me used the carrot conditioner as well. This conditioner however smells better.

ATG - This stands for against the grain and is a type of haircut in which the barber cuts your hair opposite the way you brush.

WTG - This stands for with the grain and is a type of haircut in which the barber cuts your hair the same way you brush. This is how I usally tell the barber to cut my hair because I believe it helps make my waves visible.

Shower Brushing - This is the process in which you brush your hair while taking a shower. You have to leave your hair under the water and brush it with a hard brush for about 2 - 3 minutes. I usually shower brush with my diane 8157 which I wrote about.

H20 Method - This is the process in which you use a spray bottle and brush your hair with a hard brush in my case my diane 8157 until damp or dry whichever you choose.

Diane - This is my favorite brush brand. In my opinion they make the best types of brushes and I wrote an article about my favorite types of diane brushes.

Annie - This is another type of brush brand that I don't really have interest in.

And thats all I can think of right now I'll add more if I think about them.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to brush your hair for waves

There is this one wrong information on the internet about how to brush you hair for those 360 waves. It said that there are only three directions to brush your hair for waves which are crown to front of hair, crown to back of hair, and crown to sides of hair. That is wrong. There are really about 12 sides to brush your hair. For the top of your head it is center of head to top left, center to top right, and then center to middle all the way to your hairline. For the back of your hair it is the same thing. Center to back left, center to back right, and center to middle of the back of your head. Lastly is the sides which is difficult to explain in words so here is a link of someone explaining how to brush your hair. Read carefully and thoroughly. Here is the website (brushing directions website)

Good hair brushes for waves

As you know brushing is the most important part in getting waves. There are three types of hair brushes a soft brush, medium brush, and hard brush. The best brand that I recommend getting hair brushes from is diane with no question. Their brushes are top in quality and they feel great on your hair. I recommend using a no handle brush because you have more control over them for your waves when compared to handle brushes. The brushes I use from diane are:

Soft brush:
For a soft hair brush I use the Diane 8167 which is the brush to the far left.

Medium brush:
For a medium hair brush I use the Diane 8114 which is the one in the middle. This brush is great at taking place of the hard brush when your hair is down and taking over the soft brush when your is high. This is my favorite brush ever.

Hard brush:
For a hard hard brush I use the Diane 8157 which is to the far right. This brush would probably be the hardest brush on your scalp you ever used.