Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good hair brushes for waves

As you know brushing is the most important part in getting waves. There are three types of hair brushes a soft brush, medium brush, and hard brush. The best brand that I recommend getting hair brushes from is diane with no question. Their brushes are top in quality and they feel great on your hair. I recommend using a no handle brush because you have more control over them for your waves when compared to handle brushes. The brushes I use from diane are:

Soft brush:
For a soft hair brush I use the Diane 8167 which is the brush to the far left.

Medium brush:
For a medium hair brush I use the Diane 8114 which is the one in the middle. This brush is great at taking place of the hard brush when your hair is down and taking over the soft brush when your is high. This is my favorite brush ever.

Hard brush:
For a hard hard brush I use the Diane 8157 which is to the far right. This brush would probably be the hardest brush on your scalp you ever used.

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  1. Can u tell me where u got these brushes & 4 how much i need new brushes and if u hv a ps3 or 4 u should friend me. Ha im no creeper just a young waver trying 2 keep waving thanks man PlayStation Name YoungSaintNick