Friday, June 12, 2009

How to maintain your waves

This guide is to teach you how to maintain your waves if you already have them. It is to be used daily to make sure your waves are in great shape.

  1. The first step is during the night when you are about to go to bed take a shower. While taking a shower wet your hair with the water and brush it damp. Then apply your conditioner in my case the Carrot Creme conditioner.
  2. Next brush it in about 15 strokes around. Then wait at least 2 minutes before doing the next step.
  3. After the two minutes put your hair under the water and brush the conditioner out with your hard brush.
  4. The fourth step is to finish taking a shower and then begin to brush your hair around in a 360 motion until it is damp.
  5. Once damp apply your moisturizer in my case it will be the carrot creme one. Then you brush that in with your hard brush and again in my case the diane 8157. Brush about 50 times around.
  6. Apply pomade only about every three or four days. I use the seasick pomade which is sold on like the moisturizer I brush this around about 50-60 times.
  7. Lastly I put a durag on my hair for the night and sleep.
Additional Information:
  • Shampoo once every two weeks so that you can get your product to build up and keep the natural oils in your hair. This also helps make your waves more visible after a cut. You apply the shampoo before you start the conditioner and brush it in and brush it out like the conditioner.
  • From the morning to the time I get home I just brush with my medium brush (diane 8114) until I get home. Then it's time to repeat the process again. By following this you will maintain your waves in the best possible way.
  • You can email me at if you need help.


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