Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to brush your hair for waves

There is this one wrong information on the internet about how to brush you hair for those 360 waves. It said that there are only three directions to brush your hair for waves which are crown to front of hair, crown to back of hair, and crown to sides of hair. That is wrong. There are really about 12 sides to brush your hair. For the top of your head it is center of head to top left, center to top right, and then center to middle all the way to your hairline. For the back of your hair it is the same thing. Center to back left, center to back right, and center to middle of the back of your head. Lastly is the sides which is difficult to explain in words so here is a link of someone explaining how to brush your hair. Read carefully and thoroughly. Here is the website (brushing directions website)

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  1. Great brusing method, i also enjoyed following the methods on this site Real Method to 360 Waves They hooked me up.