Saturday, June 6, 2009

Products to use for waves

I've been a waver ever since I was 11 years old and by now I am an advanced waver. The products that I recommend for 360 waves are the following:

Carrot Creme (My personal favorite)
Olive Creme
Anthony Green's creme conditioner can be found (here) just scroll down
Pink Lotion
And the H20 Method

Anthony Green's Seasick can be found (here)
360 Style pomade

Creme of nature ultra moisturzier. It is the green creme of nature shampoo bottle.

Parnevu leave in conditioner
Olive Cholesterol
Carrot Cholesterol (My personal favorite)

So these are the products I recommend for getting those 360 waves. I suggest trying out some products from each category and see which one works for you the best and then stick to one from each category. The ones that I stick to for my waves are Carrot Creme conditioner for moisturizer, seasick pomade which can be bought from this (website), creme of nature shampoo, and carrot cholesterol.

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